First Nations Indigenous Bank

FNI Capabilities

FNI Bank has its own Forex capabilities with 122 currencies.

Full banking procedures for project development, building of tribal infrastructures and can undertake most investment portfolios.

A comprehensive banking system for retail banking to take care of Tribal Beneficiaries.

The system uses satellite technology and communications through servers and receptacle receivers to link indigenous lands nations and remote tribal lands.

A Treasury, Bond Desk and Trade Platform along with Gold Refinaries in a number of locations starting with Dubai.

We can provide multiple functions while offering full banking services with its own depository system and vaults.

Additional FNI Capabilities

FNI will have a team of Investment Managers to take care of high end depositors and to manage these accounts.

All tribal members will be free to set up all of their Infrastructure, their Tribal Projects and Banking Operations on their land.

FNI guarantee customised financial solutions and all-inclusive advice to Tribal Members to accumulate wealth or preserve their capital base. The Private Bankers FNI offer will work closely with the tribal members to cater to all financial needs.

FNI also provide highly tailored wealth planning, financial analysis, specialist recommendations and exclusive Private Banking account packages, again, developed and customized for all tribal members.

First Nations Indigenous Bank
Reshaping the Financial Landscape
First Nations Indigenous Bank

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