First Nations Indigenous Bank

Who Are We?

FNI Bank is a Global Banking Solution, placing Indigenous interests at the forefront of social and economic growth. Our banking procedures are in line< with Sovereignty and are for the benefit of all First Nations Indigenous People from Aotearoa (NZ) to the First Nations people of the land more commonly known as Australia, Tapatoru (The Polynesian Triangle) and out to all of Turtle Island (The Americas), covering Alaska in the north, Kanata (Canada), North America, Central South America and elsewhere in the world.

Our Goals

FNI Bank is seeking to reform the Capitalism mindset into a single Moral market economy. An economy that is agnostic to religion, gender or race, yet it is devoted to Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of Indigenous people’s Wairua, (spiritual connection) to the environment.

We at FNI Bank believe that environmental, social and financial gain must work in harmony to underpin the Moral economy, to regenerate and sustain our ecosystem and the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and society.

First Nations Indigenous Bank
Reshaping the Financial Landscape
First Nations Indigenous Bank

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